Boasian Bash this Saturday



CV/Resume Prep

Just a reminder that this Saturday, April 30th, BOASgrad will be hosting the annual Boasian Bash at Pub n Sub. Doors open at 5pm, and pre-sale tickets are available for only $10 in AB 513.

Remember that there will be a number of anthropology professionals there, and you will have a prime opportunity to network! The links below will help to prepare your CVs/Resumes for the Bash. Let us know if you need any further assistance.

BLM Work Timeline

Archaeology Guidelines Standards

CRM Generic CV

Nevada Antiquities Permit


AOT! 2015 Update

Come one, come all!

Planning for Adventure is Out There! 2015 has begun, and we’re holding our next biweekly meeting on Wednesday, July 15th at 1pm in KC 426. Come join us in our next meeting to learn more about our event, and offer your souls to us volunteer for us! All volunteers receive a free shirt, and the opportunity to get more involved with the club and anthropology department. If you’re interested, visit our Get Involved page to learn more!

We’ve also got some awesome updates for you guys!

We have over 20 raffle prizes for the event, along with some awesome play to win games to get them! Some of these raffle prizes include, a one night stay at a hot springs resort, fresh fudge, and free yoga classes! Check out our sponsors page to learn who’s providing all these awesome prizes!

We’ve got some awesome food coming at you during the event as well! Specialty desserts by Cake NV, and sweet and savory crepes made by Crepe Geek. Check out the personalized designs on both Cake NV and Crepe Geek’s food.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned, and adventure on!

Adventure if Out There

Our biggest event of the semester is coming up this Thursday from 5-8. Adventure is Out There will include local bands, food, drinks, and other fun rewards and such. Come to the ballrooms at the top of the Joe Crowley Student Union and join us. Its $5 at the door and free for grad students.

This is also extra credit for some anthropology classes and can be used for your performance paper in Intro to Music Appreciation classes.

Bake Sale Wednesday to Friday!

Hey guys!

We’re tabling in front of the Joe from 12pm to 4pm for the rest of the week! If you want a free shirt or to donate to us come on by and help us out!

Free Shirts to anyone who helps us table or bring some baked goods for us to sell!

Hot Chocolate will be served Thursday to Friday!