Club Constitution

Constitution of the University of Nevada, Reno Anthropology Club


Article I Preamble

The University of Nevada, Reno Anthropology Club, hereafter referred to as the Anthropology Club, strives to increase awareness in all subfields (cultural, linguistic, physical and archaeological anthropology) and kindle the enthusiasm of developing anthropologists. The Anthropology Club facilitates academic development through expert lectures and events as well as prepares students for post-collegiate life through professional networking.

Article II Name

The University of Nevada, Reno Anthropology Club

Article III Membership

The Anthropology Club welcomes all interested, full-time or part-time students. According to ASUN policy, no organization may discriminate in its membership with regards to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, gender identity, socioeconomic status, physical or mental impairment, or sexual orientation.

Article IV Officers


  • Maintains communication with club adviser
  • Schedules and presides over club meetings
  • Calls special, or executive council meetings
  • Represents the club
  • Makes agendas for general meetings

Vice President-

  • Helps with event planning and organization
  • Oversees officer participation and completion of tasks
  • Fills in for the presidents when they cannot attend events


  • Maintains and restocks the department store monthly
  • Serves as primary signatory on club accounts
  • Files all appropriate paperwork with ASUN accounting office
  • Prepares any and all necessary budgets
  • Pays the club’s bills
  • Keeps all financial records of the club


  • Disseminates information from the executive council to club members as required by the president
  • Takes notes at all meetings and makes copies of the notes for the president
  • Assists the president with making agendas
  • Maintains club roster

Public Relations Officer-

  • Maintains the bulletin board located outside the department offices
  • Regularly checks the club email account
  • Maintains all club social media accounts
  • Posts information for upcoming presentations, events, etc. on both the bulletin board and social media
  • Recruits new members

Article V Council Performance 
In the case that any officer is unable to fulfill their duties they may be dismissed and replaced by a person of the remaining officers choosing. Three out of five officers must agree that the performance of an officer is inadequate to dismiss them. If any officer is not meeting their duties, an officers’ meeting will be held to discuss performance issues, and resolution will be made. If at anytime, an officer feels that they are unable to complete the duties delegated to them with reasonable accommodation they can step down from their position after informing the remaining officers two weeks prior. Additionally, all officers must sign the Officer Agreement before taking on the responsibilities of their position.

Article VI Executive Council

The executive council is composed of the five officers. There is one president, a vice president, a treasurer, a secretary and a public relations officer. The term of office shall be an academic year with elections for the following academic year taking place in April.

Article VII Quorum

Decisions are reached through a simple majority of the executive council (3/5).


Article VIII Amendments

Amendments to the constitution may be made with a simple majority of the five-member executive council.



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