Sponsor Request Info

Want to help us get donations and sponsors for our upcoming event? Here are some resources and things you’ll need to know!

Request Rules


  1. We can accept up to two Historic Sponsorships, and/or 4 Adventure Sponsorships totaling $2000 (Pleas contact us ASAP, if you have a possible sponsor!)
  2. We can only give away up to free 40 tickets to sponsors


  1. There are three main categories that must be filled, appetizers (snack foods), main dishes (pizza, burritos, etc.) an desserts (cupcakes, brownies, etc.)
    1. Also, please be conscious of those with food restrictions: allergies, vegan, vegetarian, etc.
  2. We need enough catering to feed 150 people
  3. Ask each sponsor how much they are willing to donate to us
  4. If they are willing to offer it to us at a discounted price, transfer communications to Lynn Lazaro at lynn.c.lazaro@gmail.com


  1. We will only accept performers who are donating their time
  2. We will however pay for accommodations such as gas for travel, and parking.

Links and Resources

Sponsorship Info: Detailed information about what sponsors will be receiving in return for their sponsorships, and the form that must be filled out in order to be sponsor us.

Donation Forms: Cash, and Gift-in-Kind; These forms need to be filled out if the sponsor or donor would like to see if their donation is tax deductible.

General Grant Letter: A template, or general letter that you can use when asking for a donation from companies. These are usually very useful so, take a look and print out!



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