Adventure if Out There

Our biggest event of the semester is coming up this Thursday from 5-8. Adventure is Out There will include local bands, food, drinks, and other fun rewards and such. Come to the ballrooms at the top of the Joe Crowley Student Union and join us. Its $5 at the door and free for grad students.

This is also extra credit for some anthropology classes and can be used for your performance paper in Intro to Music Appreciation classes.

First Meeting

The new semester has started and our first meeting is right around the corner. The meeting will be held Wednesday, September 3rd, in room KC 520 at 6pm. We will be discussing the semester’s activities, trips, and fundraisers during this meeting and would love members participation and opinions. Be there to meet all the new officers and new club members.


Meetings held after the 3rd will be held every Monday at 6pm.