AOT! 2015 Update

Come one, come all!

Planning for Adventure is Out There! 2015 has begun, and we’re holding our next biweekly meeting on Wednesday, July 15th at 1pm in KC 426. Come join us in our next meeting to learn more about our event, and offer your souls to us volunteer for us! All volunteers receive a free shirt, and the opportunity to get more involved with the club and anthropology department. If you’re interested, visit our Get Involved page to learn more!

We’ve also got some awesome updates for you guys!

We have over 20 raffle prizes for the event, along with some awesome play to win games to get them! Some of these raffle prizes include, a one night stay at a hot springs resort, fresh fudge, and free yoga classes! Check out our sponsors page to learn who’s providing all these awesome prizes!

We’ve got some awesome food coming at you during the event as well! Specialty desserts by Cake NV, and sweet and savory crepes made by Crepe Geek. Check out the personalized designs on both Cake NV and Crepe Geek’s food.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned, and adventure on!


Bake Sale Wednesday to Friday!

Hey guys!

We’re tabling in front of the Joe from 12pm to 4pm for the rest of the week! If you want a free shirt or to donate to us come on by and help us out!

Free Shirts to anyone who helps us table or bring some baked goods for us to sell!

Hot Chocolate will be served Thursday to Friday!

Ironman Tahoe Volunteer Sign up

Hi guys! I forgot to post the link to register for volunteering. You don’t have to email us directly anymore. Please, register to volunteer here.

When registering, select UNR Anthropology Club in the drop down menu. The select, “Join Group” to continue the registration process! Free shirts are involved so volunteer if you want one! (They’re not anthropology club shirts though :P)




Ironman Tahoe Volunteer and Upcoming Events Update

We know what we’re going to be in charge of at Ironman! I’ve updated the Get Involved page so, go check it out! I’m also going to copy and paste it here if you want to read it now without having to go through the painstaking task of clicking the page link. 😛 I hope you guys will be able to volunteer! We have a lot of events this semester, and we would love to make it free for you guys!

Ironman Tahoe Volunteers

Ironman is offering grants to organizations that help out at their annual Ironman Tahoe race, and we officially have a station assigned to us. We will be “Bike Marshals” ensuring the safety of the participants. It’s a very important job so, that means more grant money to fund our great events this semester!

When: Sunday September 21st, 8:30am-3:30pm
Where: Truckee, Bike Course Sector 3; full map
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.10.58 PM

Needs: 16 people, if we double this number we can buddy up. So invite a buddy or two and hang out with some food, drinks, music, and whatever you want to bring with you to your station!

If you want to volunteer let us know, and we’ll send you some more information about what you need to bring. Please state your interest by September 16th, 2014!


Special thanks to our Fundraising Coordinator Amanda Hartman! She works at the Career Studio so if you need any help with resumes, cover letters, and job applications look for her at the Career Studio!

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve set up an upcoming events widget in the bottom right hand corner. For some reason my “L’s” aren’t connected to their words. I’ll fix them as soon as I get some school work done, probably. Once we announce our new club officer’s I’ll probably get the new PR or Secretary to do it. ;P 





Officer Meeting and Open Officer Positions

Hi everyone! We’re having an officer’s meeting today at 4:30pm. We’re meeting in the library lobby and then finding a place to sit. Feel free to meet up with us in case you have any questions about the upcoming semester, or volunteer positions.

We are currently in need of a Treasurer. This is a very essential position to the club. Without a Treasurer we will not be ASUN recognized. That means we won’t have the budget to provide our awesome filed trips and scholarships this year. Please send us a resume and statement of interest by this Friday if you are interested!